April, 1946

Shinichi Satoda started the business in Kinugasa, Kyoto.

April, 1950

Satoda Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. was established.
Leader products were were surface active agents for textile industry.

April, 1953

Yoshihiko Satoda became the president.

December, 1965

Entered into technical partnership with Hoechst AG, Germany on dyeing method of polyester fiber.

April, 1969

New head office, factory and laboratory was built in Chudoji, Kyoto.

May, 1976

Second factory was built in Shiga.

June, 1993

Toshiya Satoda was appointed as the president.

August, 1996

Development of adhesive primer for inkjet printing was started.

July, 1997

Factory, laboratory and office moved to Kuze.

December, 2007

Fluorescent quencher was developed.

July, 2010

Obtained cosmetic drug manufacturing business license.
License No. : 26CZ200046

October, 2021

Takayuki Satoda was appointed as the president.