【Textile Chemicals】Scouring Agents / Soaping Agents

Scouring Agent is used to remove naturally derived ipurities adhering to fibers and textiles, oil and paste that adhered to fibers in the spinning process, etc. It reduces troubles in the process of dyeing and finishing.

Soaping Agent is used to wash out residual dye, dyeing auxiliaries, oil etc. after dyeing process.

Classification / Appications Product Name Features
Typical Scouring Agent SOLGEN LL – Readily soluble in cold water.
– Highly detergent.
– Realizes excellent handling after scouring / soaping.
Low-foaming Scouring Agent ANIZOL STS-2C – Balances low-foaming property with permiability, emulsifying and degreasing capability.
– Reduces foam troubles in the use of circular dyeing machine.
Low-foaming Scouring Agent ANIZOL STS-50 – Excellent in both stabilizing ability of hydrogen peroxide and scouring capacity.
– Best suited for scouring and bleaching by circular dyeing machine because of low-foaming property.
Scouring Agent for continuous scouring of cotton ORITOL NSK-C – Excellent in permeability, degreasing capability and alkali resistence.
– Usable in combination with peroxide desizing agent .
– Suitable for continuous scouring and kier boiling.
Soaping Agent CLEANER 800 – Enables efficient soaping when used in combination with caustic soda (and hydrosulfite).
– Readily removes dye adhered to pipe and pump at high temperature and lake impurities derived from fabric oligomer in circular dyeing machine.
Soaping Agent ANIZOL TD-30 – Excellent in dispersion of polyester oligomer.
– Applicable in wide range of use.
– Containing polycarboxylic acid, also has chelating effect on various metallic ion.
– Being very low-foaming, generates little residue in the effluent.
– Containing no solvent, handling in the same manner as commodities is possible in exporting.
Soaping Agent ANIZOL TD-45 – In addition to the features of Anizol TD-30, excellent in dispersion of polyester oligomer especially in acid side.
Soaping Agent for reactive dye ANIZOL 300 – High-grade soaping agent for dyed textile by reactive dye, naphtol dye, sulphur dye and vat dye.
– Perticularly prevent reattaching of reactive dye and make the hue clear.
– Enhance fastness to rubbing and washing of dyed textile .
Soaping Agent for reactive dye NONIZOL 501 – High-grade soaping agent for dyed textiles by reactive dye, naphtol dye, sulfide dye and vat dye.
– Perticularly prevent reattaching of reactive dye and make the hue clear.
– Enhances fastness to rubbing and washing of dyed textile.
– Balances low-foaming property with degreasing capability.
Deaerating and Penetrating Agent NONIZOL NF-9 – Excellent in deaerating effect as well as permiability, emulsifying capability and long-lasting anti-foaming property.
– Being nonion type, applicable for a wide range of condition of use.
– Speed up the dyeing when used in circular dyeing at low bath ratio such as beam, cheese, obermaier machines where fiber density is high and deaeration is difficult.
Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposer NTD-55C – Hydrogen peroxide decomposition capability is stable in wide range of temperature and pH(4~9).
– Enables cost-cutting —— saves processing time and water consumption.
– Easy-to-process and storage-stable.

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