【Textile Chemicals】Dyeing Auxiliaries

Dyeing Auxiliary is used in comibination with dye in the textile processing to facilitate dyeing and other process.

Classification / Appications Product Name Features
Dyeing Auxiliary TURKEY RED OIL – Sulphurated castor oil.
– Used as soaping and penetrating agent, naphtol solubilizer and softener in textile processing.
Dyeing Auxiliary / for synthetic fiber ESNORN AD – Excellent as decoloration agent and retarding agent for 2:1 type chromium complex dye.
– Also applicable as retarding agent for acid dye, direct dye and sulfide dye.
– When used in alcali/reduction cleaning after carrier dyeing or azoic process of Tetoron textile, enhances fastness to rubbing and light.
– When used as dispersant in dyeing of acrylonitrile staple fiber/cotton/wool blended fabric, makes the dyeing clear and even.
Dye Dispersant DISPALON SL – Applicable and highly effective as dispersant for various solid particules such as dye, pigment, pesticide and ceramics.
– Non-foaming and antifoaming.
– When used in dyeing of acetate or Tetoron with disperse dye, enhances degree of exhaustion, in contrary to standard surfactants.
Leveling Agent / for polyester fiber LEVELLER T – Excellent in level dyeing capability and permeability —— prevents uneven dyeing.
– Good in migration effect —— usable for decoloration.
– No impact on color fastness.
Leveling Agent / Retarding Agent VINYPILON 20L – Excellent as leveling agent and retarding agent for dyeing of scoured and bleached cotton textile with direct dye.
– When used in scouring and dyeing in one bath, prevents uneven dyeing.
Decoloration Agent VINYPILON – Powerful effect on decoloration of direct dye, vat dye and sulfide dye.
– Prevents reattaching of dye.
Dyeing Acid ACID IT – Facilitates pH control in the dyeing of polyester fiber.
– Stabilizes dyeing and hue through excellent pH buffering effect.
pH Control Agent TL-7 – Enables level dyeing as pH control agent.
– Balances level dyeing with fixing of dye.
– Especially effective for the dyeing of cellulose fiber using Kayacelon React Dye.


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